Test Info

Guidance for entering our Tests:

An interactive Official Test Entry Form can be found at www.navhda.org.
Note: You will not be able to save the completed form.
The form can be filled out, printed, and mailed to our Test Secretary.

Fees: NA – $120.00, UPT/UT – $140.00
Dogs are eligible for the Natural Ability Test up until, and including, the day they reach sixteen months of age.

Lunch for handlers is included in the entry fee.

Mail the completed form, along with a check payable to Merrimack Valley Chapter of NAVHDA to:

Joanna Korte – Test Secretary
95 Pointe Trinity Dr.
Strafford, NH 03884

Completed entry forms must be mailed and postmarked no sooner than February 15 of each calendar year, for either the spring or fall tests.

If you wish to pay your Test Entry fee via credit card for a small convenience fee and email your entry form, Click Here to go to our credit card payment page.

In filling out the form, it is important to know that the dog needs to registered with NAVHDA.

The dog’s registered name is to be found on the NAVHDA Pedigree. His or her “Call Name” is what you call the dog at home. Please re-enter the “call name” at the very bottom of the form, as we will use this name when publishing the running order.

Owner’s membership # is found on the mailing label of the Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine, just above your name. It is a six-digit number.

You will be notified of the date and your running order thirty days in advance of the test date. Running orders will be determined based upon the different types of tests dogs are registered for. The test secretary will do their best to accomodate specific requests for test dates.

We are not affiliated with AKC, so please do not use their Registration numbers. (You may, however, have the judge sign certain AKC papers at the end of the test day.)

Your entry fee will only be refunded for the following reasons:
(1) A medical condition arises for either the dog or handler, which will be backed up by a doctor’s or veterinarian’s note.
(2) We are notified 4 weeks prior the the test date that the dog is being pulled, and there is a replacement entry on the waiting list to fill that spot.
(3) You are on the waiting list and no openings occured to permit you to test your dog.

There are no substituting dogs. If you pull a dog, but want to run another, and the test is full, you will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

If you need to register your dog, or become a member of NAVHDA International, you can do so by calling the main office at 847-253-6488 or email navoffice@navhda.org. All needed forms and instructions can be found at www.navhda.org.

In order to make it easier for our test secretary, please fill out the form with care and attention to detail.

On the day of the Test

Handlers and dogs need to be on site at 6:30 am. Sign in with the Test Secretary when you arrive (before you get your dog out). We start the test at 7:00 am, all handlers will receive the Judges instructions at this time. If you are late, you may lose your spot. If you are #1 on the waiting list, you should be on site so that if a dog is a no show, you can run your dog.

For More Information on Tests and Testing
Test Secretary – Joanna Korte | Director of Testing – Bob Fee
NAVHDA Conducts four levels of tests:

  • Natural Ability: designed to evaluate young dogs on their inherent natural abilities with a view to gaining insight into their possible future value as versatile gun dogs. It rates seven important inherited abilities: nose, search, tracking, pointing, water, desire and cooperation.
  • Utility Prep Test: designed to evaluate the dog midway in its training towards becoming a reliable versatile gun dog.
  • Utility Test: designed for more experienced dogs in an advanced state of training. It evaluates their ability to perform as reliable versatile gun dogs and demonstrates their physical and mental capability to take training.The Utility Test evaluates trained dogs in water and field, before and after the shot, as finished versatile hunting companions as well as many other specific tasks.
  • Invitational Test: the flagship of NAVHDA tests. The Invitational Test is our highest level of testing. Only dogs who have achieved a Prize I in Utility are eligible. This limits the entry to only those exceptional animals that have demonstrated superior skill and obedience and tests their skills in advanced work.

More detailed information about NAVHDA tests can be found in the NAVHDA Aims, Programs, Test Rules booklet.

Local Area Hotels and Campgrounds and Emergency Vet

Here is a small list of pet friendly area hotels and campgrounds. Although they say they are pet friendly, it is recommended to call ahead to verify. They are located approximately 10 to 15 minutes drive from our test grounds.

Best Western Concord Inn
97 Hall St.
Concord, NH 03301  1-603-228-4300

Comfort Inn Concord
71 Hall St.
Concord, NH 03301  1-603-226-4100

Residence Inn Concord
91 Hall St.
Concord, NH 03301  1-603-226-0012

Mile-Away Campground
41 Old West Hockington Road
Henniker, NH 03242  1-603-428-7616

AVC Concord – Center for Advanced Veterinary Care
22 Bridge St. (I-93, Exit 14 Loudon Rd. in Ralph Pill Building)
Concord, NH 03301 1-603-227-6109

Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Service 24hrs.
1 Intervale Rd. (Exit 1 off Rte. 393, straight at light)
Concord, NH 03301  1-603-227-1199