Test Payment Page

Test Entry payment via credit card

If you wish to pay your entry fee using your credit card, select which test you are entering below. You will then be brought to PayPal, where you can make your payment securely. There is a 3% convenience charge added, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, to cover merchant fees.

You still need to fill out and send your Official Test Entry Form to the Test Secretary and until the entry form and payment are both received, the entry will not be considered complete. All rules still apply as far as when entries can be submitted, waiting lists, etc.

The Test Entry can be either sent via Postal Mail, or can now be emailed. If you open the Test Entry Form in Adobe Reader, at the top left of the window, to the right of the printer icon, is an envelope icon. If you click on the envelope, you can email the entry to our Test Secretary, Joanna Korte, at joannakorte@gmail.com and make sure to inform her you paid the entry fee via credit card.

Please use the drop down menus to indicate whether the entry is for the Spring or Fall Test.

Natural Ability $124

Spring or Fall NA Test

Utility Prep/ Utility $145

Spring or Fall UPT/UT Test