Directions To Training/Test Grounds

Our training/test site is located in Hopkinton, NH. The grounds are owned and managed by the US Army Corp. of Engineers as part of the Hopkinton-Everett Lakes Project. We use is the Sharpe’s Farm section of the project. We share the area as part of HELDCA (Hopkinton-Everett Lake Dog Clubs Association) with other dog clubs.Please help keep the area clean so we can continue to use the grounds.

Directions to Sharpe’s Farm

Take Rte.89 to Exit 5-Rte. 9/202 West. Just after the end of the ramp, take your immediate first right. This is Little Frost Rd. It is a very short road, then turn left. Follow to the end, and you’ll see a dirt road on the right, and a yellow gate. There is also a Corp. of Engineers’s sign at the entrance. Follow the dirt road, and you will come to the pavilion/fields on the right. There is plenty of parking and there is a decent amount of shade.

Directions to UT Water/Water Clinic Site

The water clinic site is one exit up from Sharpe’s Farm. Take Rte. 89 to Exit 6-Rte.127. From the South, take a left off the exit. From the North, take a right off the exit. Then take your second left, Cressy Brook Rd. (Mclane Distributing Company will be on the right). Cressy Brook Rd. is a short, dead end road, follow to the end. At the end, you will see a yellow gate on the right, and a dirt road. The yellow gate is only open on training and test days. Otherwise, you would have to park at the dead end, and walk in. Follow the dirt road, which will bring you up and over the dam. The dirt road is a little bumpy, but should be manageable except for an extremely low vehicle. Once over the dam, there are two short roads on the left, parking is along these roads. There is adequate shade here, but none down by the water.

Only ONE vehicle is allowed at the water. It is recommended to bring a canopy or other form of shade if staying down by the water. It is approx. 150-200 yards from the parking area to the water.Be prepared to carry/walk gear down if necessary.